Orchid Flowers Delivered to Canada
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Heart & Thorn presents a range of fresh and delicate orchids and potted orchids that make the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or any other special occasion. Our exquisite orchids can be paired with delicious treats such as fresh fruits, chocolate truffles, baked goods, fine wines, and more, to create a truly personalized gift. We offer full customization options to create the perfect gift, which can be delivered to any location in Canada for your convenience.

Orchids Gifts Delivered to Canada


Our Orchid Flowers for Your Significant Other: Take your special day or romantic date to the next level by gifting your partner a stunning potted orchid. To make it even more unique, customize your order with delicious and exclusive gifts. We deliver our beautiful orchid flowers and treats to Canada.

Our Orchid Flowers for Mothers: Make your mom's next big day unforgettable with a surprise bouquet of gorgeous orchid flowers. Don't forget to include her favorite treats like fine wines, fresh fruits, and more. We offer delivery of our stunning orchid flowers to Canada.

Our Orchid Flowers for Friendship: Show your friends how much their friendship means to you by gifting them a beautiful bouquet of orchids paired with delectable treats like sweets, baked goods, wines, and more. Our customizable orchid flowers and gifts can be delivered to Canada for any special occasion.

Our Orchid Flowers for Bosses & Co-workers: Stand out in the office by impressing your boss or co-workers with a unique gift of stunning orchid flowers. You can customize your order with gourmet foods, vintage wines, top-shelf liquors, and other special treats to show your appreciation. Our elegant orchid flowers are available for delivery to Canada.

Orchids Gifts Delivered to Canada